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Durrgan - better together

Abriculture was born when two like-minded souls met at a Rainforest Conservation conference at James Cook University in 2000.

Jenny Lynch (a Western-trained ecologist travelling from Ireland) met Gudju Gudju (a local tribal ecologist and sacred knowledge holder) on his tribal lands in Cairns, Australia. Together they formed an alliance and developed a holistic vision of advancing Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and tribal ecology in partnership with Western science.


​Nalan Maga - Elder Guided

Abriculture ensures that decisions affecting our natural resources & environment are granted by our Indigenous Tribal Authority (Elders) and managed by the next generation of caretakers through training, mentoring, and on-site work experience.


Our Elders vision is to rehabilitate cultural landscapes and nurture healthy lifestyles, promote sustainability and connect people back to the land through the creation of training and employment programs for local people and by working in closely with Tribal Ecologist to realise community aspirations.

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